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The Ozerov Group

Organometallics - Catalysis - Energy

Our Research

The research in our group typically involves transition metal or main group organometallic chemistry but are diverse and cover a wide variety of synthetic and mechanistic work. The ideal-case research scheme consists of:

1.   discovery of a new reaction or a structural environment

2.   demonstration of unusual reactivity, structural, or electronic novelty

3.   application of these findings to develop a new catalytic process

The training of students in our group is not built around a narrow research theme but instead aims to help students mature into problem-solving practicing synthetic chemists through exposure to diverse research experiences.

Recent Publications

Migration of Hydride, Methyl, and Chlor...PAlP)M Pincer Complexes (M = Rh or Ir).png
D3DT02127K 1..5 ++.png
Isolable fluorinated triphenylmethyl ca...tration of remarkable hydride affinity.jpg
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